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The Bram Epstein Interview - The Producer - The District Spotlight

The Bram Epstein Interview - The Producer - The District Spotlight

For the final episode of season 1, we reveal the interview with our very own producer of the show, Bram Epstein! Bram is one of the most hard-working down to earth people we've met and gotten the opportunity to work with. Bram has been a musician most his life and fell in love shredding guitar at a young age and since then, he’s been developing a broad and unique expertise. While playing and touring with bands, Bram did most of the digital art work and tells the story of how he ended up running a successful visual media production company and actually making it his career. We took a twist on the traditional interviews we've done this season and not only do we get to hear Bram's impressive story, but he also opens us up to sharing some of our own. We talk about how we all met, the beginning of The District Spotlight and our personal experiences of the show. Since this is the last episode of season 1, we will be taking a short break from releasing interviews. Thank everyone so much for supporting us and the guests we have on. When we first had the idea of this whole thing, we didn't know where it was going to lead to, we just knew we wanted to be apart of growing and building the independent music scene. Season 1 has been awesome. Thank you all for the amazing support and feedback thus far and keep an eye out because we have big plans for Season 2 along with the guests we bring to you guys. ---------------------------------- FOLLOW BRAM EPSTEIN: FOLLOW AND HEAR HIS BAND "IN THE A.M."! FOLLOW US FOR UPDATES: FOLLOW OUR COLLABORATIVE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: ------------------------------ YOUR PREMIER PLATFORM FOR INDEPENDENT MUSIC
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