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Global Plague - The Rivers Run Red (Official Music Video)

Global Plague - The Rivers Run Red (Official Music Video)

The official video for "The Rivers Run Red" by Global Plague. This song begins the story of our 8 song concept album "To Know No Bounds" set to release sometime later this year. More details to come! Follow us on our socials:​ Credits: Directed by: Bram Epstein (40FI Creations) DP/Color Correction: Brian Thorburn Edited by: Bram Epstein (40FI Creations) Vocals: Bram Epstein Drums: Jackson Ward Guitar: John Souki Bass (in video): Brandon Burgoa Bass (in studio): Conner Green Vocal Production: Spencer Sotelo, Miles Long Recording/Mixing: Jackson Ward Post Production: Spencer Sotelo, John Souki Mastering: Spencer Sotelo Lyrics ------------------------------- Vat of acid Dissolved their skin and bones. Call it conspiracy, But the public chose it long ago Headlined “Another tragic loss” Surface level sympathy, to selfishly get involved For the people, a statement of evil Covered in lies And now the rivers run red When there’s a price for your head The seventh son’s finally caught on Premonitions leading to death where i’m involved Hunted down, with evidence found I’ve come to an end So they’ll call me a monster Without taking a look in the mirror I’ll go down as a martyr For the world to see it clearer Sentenced to eternity For these crimes I’ve done Without the death penalty A new suffering has begun This instrument of death Forced into my memories Replays their final breath’s And now the rivers run red Within these walls I’m never dead I’m never dead
Global Plague - Fear In Power (Visualizer)

Global Plague - Fear In Power (Visualizer)

Global Plague's 2nd single release "Fear In Power" available now on all streaming platforms. Follow us on our socials: Vocals, Guitar, Bass: Bram Epstein Drums: Jackson Ward Lead Guitar: John Souki Recording/Mixing: Jackson Ward Mastering: Kris Crummett Lyrics ------------------------------- Stand on the backs of the weak Dropping bombs while they sleep Set the standard now For the world to see Cower in the corners Escaping from the light When the fear begins Lives will end Cowards in their caves Cities turn to waste Followers In body bags Nihilistic holy land It all goes away Never seen again Means to an end Forcing of a false faith Liars to Incarcerate Nowhere to run It’s all the same in your final hours None considered safe when there’s with fear in power Build the caskets to welcome the masses Sheep’s in the heard murdered for practice Shower the mourners Behind the clouds at night Children die Feed the lie Dying in the streets Prayers obsolete Battlefield of bullshit Sacrificed in censorship It all goes away Masochistic dreams Birth of the obscene Brothers kill one another Executing law and order Make it stop It’s all the same in your final hours None considered safe when there’s with fear in power Build the caskets to welcome the masses Watch as your world burns into ashes Hell on earth has found us waiting Life in the dark while light is fading Die quick or survive in pain Nothing matters now, it’s all the same It’s all the same in your final hours None considered safe when there’s with fear in power Build your casket and take your last breath Sealed and sentenced to the land of death
Emma Peridot - Billion (Visualizer)

Emma Peridot - Billion (Visualizer)

Stream Billion by Emma Peridot now on all streaming platforms! About: For Emma Peridot, music isn’t just about self-expression, it’s about radiating self-assurance that’s infectious to her listeners. As an LGBTQ+ artist from Indiana, Peridot is no stranger to feeling like a misfit. Peridot channels that energy into her music, examining traditional themes of love, lust, angst and heartbreak while also getting vulnerable about anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurity that we all face in our own ways. Her beginnings are humble; during her college years she began releasing music on Soundcloud and performing in small clubs and dive bars around Indianapolis and other nearby cities. But after securing an opening slot for Quinn XCII at Butler University, a confidence was ignited in her that she has something special. Fans have witnessed her hustle since then, garnering hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams in 2019 & 2020. In Early 2020, after the release of her debut EP Sweat & Sparks, she embarked on a self-booked and self-funded Midwest tour. And she shows no signs of stopping. For Peridot, it’s less about industry acclaim and more about the calling to create music that resonates with all those who feel misunderstood and that they are destined for greater things than the box that society has tried to place them in. She states, “I want my music to be widespread because I think it’s something everyone can relate to. But even if I make music that impacts just a small handful of people in a meaningful way, that’s enough for me to feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose.” Follow her here: Music and Video Credits: Song: Billion - Written and Performed by Emma Peridot Produced by: McKay Alexander Engineered by: Corey Miller - Roundtable Recording Studio (Indianapolis, IN) Cover Art & Videography: 40Fi Creations Booking/business inquiries:
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