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Owner/Founder of 40FI Creations

If there’s one thing that has been consistent in Bram’s life, it’s being asked by his family, roommates, or neighbors “Could you please turn your music down.” To which, he responds “Nay”.


He established 40FI Creations in 2019: A custom creative asset company that produces not only graphics, but photography, videography, show production, and other marketing practices for bands, brands, and businesses. He knew that not only are marketing materials supposed to look clean and professional, but the process should be fun and exciting for both him and his clients.

Outside of the office, you can catch him whipping it up in the kitchen, playing in his band Global Plague, or hanging at home with his fiancé and their 3 fur babies.

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Creative Director / Lead Booking Consultant

Ben is a father of three, who is passionate about music and continuing education, in that order.

He joined our team in late 2020 and brought over 12 years of booking experience to be a valued addition since. Arts and ongoing education is an integral part of his life. It’s how he ingests and expresses perspectives. Much of it is habitual, and all of it is felt. He understands how it empowers and impacts him personally, but also the communities around us.

Ben did not like One Tree Hill. At all. Even though Cole Woodruff said he would. 

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Creative Content Curator

We found Tyler on the world wide web. He was advertising that he was available for hire to photograph bands and Bram was like "Suh dude, DTF?"


**Down to Ph(f)otograph, or something like that**


Tyler got into photography based on the belief you can not have too many memories of an event or person. Once that person or event is no longer with us we always wish we had more memories with them. 

Tyler has traveled the world more than Bram and Ben combined following Greatful Dead shows, photographing every genre imaginable, and just living his best nomad life. He's also a great cuddler.



Audio Engineer / Session Drummer

Jackson has been playing a 20+ piece drum kit since he was a little boy. Don't believe us? Check this video out

Jackson has been engineering and session drumming for the last decade. He loves helping musicians create unique records that they can be proud of for a lifetime. When you cut a record with Jackson, you're not just getting his expertise in recording,  you're getting an obsessive passion to make the greatest version of everything that he touches.


In 2015 he started working with Youtuber Glenn Fricker of Spectre Media Group. Since then, he's played drums and engineered for Glenn as well as other YouTube channels like Gear Gods. In 2022 he co-created the "Extinction Level Event" drum library with Spectre Digital and plans on developing more audio products.

When he's not 14 hours deep into a mix, you can catch him mowing the lawn, grilling some steaks, or kicking back and listening to some sweet, sweet Desert Rose tracks.

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