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August 27th, 2023

I want Goo on the radio. I want Goo in my headphones. I want Goo on my turntable. Chomp chomp chomp goes the Hungry Hungry Hippos in my heart. More marbles please. And by marbles I mean music. Because this 6 song EP does not overstay its welcome. In fact, it leaves the party too early, with our heads in mid bob. Goo is new. Goo is nostalgic. Goo hearkens back to 90s indie rock and the best guitary bits of Britpop while keeping things fresh. Think Velocity Girl riding a Vespa with Elastica on their way to a Teenage Fanclub concert wearing Bob Mould Sugar t-shirts.

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Goo is a melody growl. Goo is awash in fuzz and fun. Goo is punk. Did they pull their name from Sonic Youth’s classic 1990 album of the same name? Maybe. I haven’t asked them. But these kids are definitely Kool Things. Tanisha Badman’s vocals hit a personal sweet spot, and the musicianship around her delivery further stirs the mix into a slurry of groovy fury. Along with five new tracks, the single “Call In Sick” was re-recorded for Chomp. Bryn Price’s bass line offers a catchy AF steady groove, and when the handclaps and blistering guitars crash in you too will want to call in sick to that depressing day job. This EP just moves from strength to strength so when album closer “De Novo” starts up you realize that they may have just saved their best track for last.

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Goo hail from Keighley, UK. And unless you’re a UK native or a geographically inclined Anglophile you’ve not heard of it. But now you will have. Because Goo has arrived. And while the stage is yet small, there is a rising that must occur. And speaking of, they recently supported the iconic House of Love for a sold out show in Leeds (July 2023). My guess is they killed it. And my guess is you’re probably now done listening. Time to readjust the needle and play it again. Chomp...chomp…chomp….


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